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The first gathering of wild church pastors and leaders, from the first Wild Church Network retreat in Wisconsin, 2019.

the emergence of wild churches

The Wild Church Network is an emerging community of eco-spiritual leaders, organized to nourish the spread and growth of Wild Churches.

It began as a phenomenon of isolated pastors and spiritual leaders, taking prophetic and courageous steps in their radical vision to leave buildings to connect with the natural world to restore sacred relationship.  As we began to find one another and connect, "wild church" blossomed into an organic, spirit-led and collaborative movement. 

In 2016, we began to meet monthly via Zoom, to encourage one another, sharing ideas, celebrating and commiserating,  we began to recognize through our diverse stories that we shared some radical, foundational visions, values and practices. By the end of that year, when we launched the Wild Church Network website and directory, we sensed we were part of something larger than our small communities gathering on the outside edges of our local "villages." 

By 2019, when a group of us gathered in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin for the first time, we could feel the energy of our participation in a radical shift, initiated by the Spirit or Earth herself, a reformation, desperately needed in our faith traditions and in our cultures. 

While diverse in expression, style, and particulars of theology,

we share a united sense of calling, purpose and roots in three areas:

Nature as

Beloved Community

From the Christ Tradition



The old paradigm of "nature as other" is shifting.  Wild Churches don't just "meet outside," they gather (when we can gather!) to recognize and learn to participate in the kindred interconnection of all beings, elements, and places. It is a relationship, rooted in love, that the ancients described as Logos. A relationship that our gospel stories and teachers like Matthew Fox, Tielhard de Chardin, Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault, and so many others describe as Christ.

Whenever a radical shift in nature or human systems occur, it happens through a process that organizational consultant, Margaret Wheatley, describes as Emergence.  Emergence has a life-cycle, she says, that "begins with networks, shifts to intentional communities of practice and evolves into powerful systems capable of global influence." We are in a new phase of Emergence: sharing practices of our intentional wild church communities. This new membership-based website has been created to support that sharing.

The Network is a non-profit organization supported by a Board and held together by teams of volunteers, Wild Church pastors who lead local wild churches,  hold down other jobs, care for their families and communities, and feel passionate about this emergence.   

** special thanks to Manne Green for his amazing illustrations!  

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