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 A collection of books for wild church service inspiration and ideas, offered by Mennonite pastor, Wendy Janzen,

Burning Bush Forest Church.



Weekly eco-justice perspectives on the Lectionary from Radical Discipleship, offered by  Anglican priest, Laurel Dykstra,

Salal and Cedar.


communion liturgy

A wild church liturgy for communion from Episcopalian priest, Steve Blackmer,

Church of the Woods.


Wandering Guide

Tips for wandering & sacred conversation offered by

Victoria Loorz, Seminary of the Wild & Echoes Wild Church.


Blessings for Every Season, by Wendy Janzen, Burning Bush Forest Church

Spring Solstice Blessing

As winter gives over to spring
On this vernal equinox day
May we all find balance between
Light and dark,
Rest and activity,
Body and spirit.

In this time of great unknowing
May we trust the earth’s
In this time of scarcity
May we experience
In this time of distancing
May we trust in God’s

May we awaken,
Like bulbs and buds,
To this new reality
And rise to the occasion.
May each green
Shoot pushing out
Through the brown leaves
Be a beacon of hope
For such a time as this.

- Wendy Janzen, Burning Bush Forest Church

Summer Solstice Prayer

Great Spirit of the sun,

On this dawning of a new day

we turn our faces toward your radiance,

looking for your grace to shine upon us.

Creator of Light,

may your fire burn within us,

igniting passion,

fueling growth,

extending warmth to all

with whom we connect this day.

On this longest day of the year

we celebrate life, abundance,

fertility, growth, fruitfulness, ripening,

colour, strength, vitality, and richness.

We also celebrate this day with the

indigenous peoples who have called 

this place home long before settlers arrived.

We pray that we might be good neighbours,

good listeners, and good allies as we

pray together for reconciliation, 

for justice, and for the earth 

we all call home.

Let us rejoice in this longest day of light!


- Wendy Janzen, Burning Bush Forest Church

Autumn Equinox Prayer

God of the seasons, 

We come to you on this liminal day: 

The day that marks the balance 

between light and dark, 

And the turning from 

From summer’s fullness to autumn’s surrender.

We stand at this threshold, 

Full to overflowing with the goodness of summer,

Ready, yet not ready, to let go of what was,

And to embrace what lies ahead.

As hard as it can be, teach us to surrender.

In this age of climate crisis and mass extinction

Help us to let go of our dependence on fossil fuels.

Help us to let go of our rampant consumerism. 

Help us to let go of our disposable lifestyle.

Help us to let go of our illusions of control.

May we surrender to your love for all the earth. 

May we trust in enough rather than

Grasping for more.

In our letting go, may we know the freedom

Of abundant life. 


- Wendy Janzen, Burning Bush Forest Church

Winter Solstice Prayer


Divine Light,

Lover of the universe

Love incarnate

Love that is alive all over

our world today:

Warm our hearts and

melt our indifference.

Ignite love within us

that is big enough

to overcome our

smallness, and

big enough to extend

to all the earth

and all our



Luminous Love,

shine deep within,

with a light that

shares the darkness

with a graciousness that

does not overpower.

May we, too,

be bearers of the Light.


- Wendy Janzen, Burning Bush Forest Church


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